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California is a beautiful place. 
We have coasts, canyons, dunes, deserts, meadows and mountains combined like nowhere else.  We have geology and topography that amazes us. But it is our native plant life that softens the edges of our tallest mountains and our driest deserts.  They paint the hills and sustain our exquisite birds, butterflies and bees.  When we plant our landscapes with natives we plant a home, a place that provides.

Our landscapes have a higher purpose.
Native landscapes are light on our resources but full of richness: fragrances, textures, wildlife, color. Our gardens transform from a simple framing of our houses with plantlife from globally distant places, into a living integration into California’s distinct identity.

Our aim at Native Plant Life is to make the transformation of your landscape possible.​
NPL can provide the native plants, the information and the guidance you need  to help you choose the landscape that reflects both you and your love of California and our southwestern region. Currently NPL works in the Inland Empire (Banning, Beaumont, Calimesa, Cherry Valley, Highland, Moreno Valley, Redlands, Riverside, San Bernardino, Yucaipa). Inquire for special location requests.​

From the owner. 

Hi! My name is Suzie. I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Biological Sciences.  While I was at Cal Poly I also had a chance to take soil science, ornamental horticulture and focus my biology courses in plant science. I continued with some classes at Santa Rosa Junior College while I was home with my children. I took Sustainable Agriculture and Water Efficient Landscaping, both were great classes!  I have worked at Tree of Life Nursery for five years and am still currently working at the nursery part time. Working at Tree of Life I have had the opportunity to meet, stay current with and learn from knowledgeable colleagues in the California Native Plant world. Mike and Jeff, owners of Tree of Life Nursery, have been growing and selling natives for over 40 years and are a wealth of information!  Like most native plant people, I could preach about the benefits of natives, but I won't browbeat, guilt-trip or shame you into thinking you have to have natives and other regional plants!  You have made it to this website so you are probably already at least interested in the idea and you will try them in your landscape for your own reasons. Perhaps you'll find that you absolutely love some natives, tolerate others for the role they play and would rather ditch a few species for day lillies!  I, of course, believe you'll enjoy an amazing journey into a true California experience once you take your first steps into California native and regional plant gardening!
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It was the 'wild' west before it was Birds of Paradise and emerald lawns. 
It's time to find your California roots!