​Plant Packages

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Packaged plant selections based on what you need.

Package contents will vary seasonally and with crop availability. Packages are based off of square footage and site conditions (shade, full sun, etc) that you provide. Packages have a minimum of 5 plants (starting as low as $42, plus tax and delivery fee) and a maximum of 50 plants per order. In your quote you will be told the specifics of the types of plants that are currently scheduled to ship for that package. If while looking over your quote for what would come in the package, you find you like one plant more than another, substitutions can be made. Currently NPL works in the general Inland Empire area (Banning, Beaumont, Calimesa, Cherry Valley, Highland, Moreno Valley, Redlands, Riverside, San Bernardino, Yucaipa). Inquire for special location requests.​
  1. Butterfly Habitat
    In this grouping you will have plants like coyote mint, sage and yarrow. Seasonally, milkweed for Monarchs may be available!
  2. Feed your Bees
    Bladderpod, buckwheat, mallows and more will be found in this grouping. With blooms spread throughout much of the year your honeybees and native bees alike will be very appreciative.
  3. Hummingbird Favorites
    Plants in this group, such as fuchsia and sages, have proven to be addictive to hummingbirds! As good as any hummingbird feeder these plants will get repeat visits and encourage nearby nesting!
  4. Meditations
    Not proven or endorsed but personally tested! White, black and cleveland sages lending their aromas to your outdoor yoga or meditation space. Waving seed heads on native grasses connecting you to the natural motion of your space. These plants are soothing and restorative.
  1. Groundcover Trios
    Prevent setting up a monoculture when trying to cover space and instead create swaths of a trio! Try a grouping of three compatible plants that will provide healthy diversity for your space.
  2. Native Succulents
    Mostly the Dudleyas (Live-Forevers) in this grouping. From silver grey rosette forms to lime green finger forms, the Dudleyas are the native succulents you see in the craziest places. One of their preferred locations happens to be hanging on the side of a cliff!
  3. Shady Spots
    Heucheras, Live-forevers, Snowberries and the like can be found in this package. All excellent choices for a cool and shady spot.
  4. Slopes
    Varying root depths and plants you naturally find on slopes will help with erosion control. Sages, buckwheats, sugar bush and mountain mahogany are perfect for slopes.
  1. Wildflower Blooms
    There is seasonal availability of some of California's beautiful wildflowers. They will give you a spring to remember!
  2. Mint Lovers Choice
    If you love the the smell of mint, California has a few plants you won't be able to live without! You'll find yourself picking a leaf everytime you pass.