Plant Selection, here are just a few to start with!

Desert Willow, 20-25' x 10-20', full sun ​​​Chilopsis linearis
​​Elderberry, 20-30' x 20-30', full sun​​ Sambucus nigra caerulea
​​Mountain Mahogany, 8-20' x 12', full sun​​ Cercocarpus betuloides
​​Sugar Bush, 20' x 20-30', full sun​​ ​Rhus ovata
​​Wild Lilac (many kinds), wide size range, full sun/part shade​​ ​Ceanothus
​​Apache Plume, 6' x 6', full sun​​ ​Fallugia paradoxa
​​Bladderpod, 4' x 6', full sun​​ Peritoma arborea
​​Buckwheat (many kinds), large size range, full sun​​/part shade ​Eriogonum​​
​​California Aster, 2' x spreading, part shade​​ Symphyotrichum chilense
​​Brittlebush 3' x 4', ​​
full sun ​Encelia farinosa
​​California Poppies, 1' x 1', full sun​​ ​Eschscholzia californica
​​Deerweed, 2-3' x 2-3', full sun​​ ​Acmispon glaber
​​Desert Mallow, 3' x 3', full sun​​​ Sphaeralcea ambigua
​​Golden Yarrow, 2' x 2', part shade/full sun​​ Eriophyllum confertiflorum
​​Lupines, wide size range, full sun/part shade​ ​Lupinus
​​Scarlet Bugler, 2' x 2', full sun​​​ Penstemon centranthifolius
​​Monkey Flower, 2' x 2', full sun/part shade​​ ​Mimulus aurantiacus puniceus
​​Palmer's Mallow, 5' x 5', full sun​​ ​Abutilon palmeri
Sages (many kinds), large size range​, full sun/part shade​ Salvia
​​Yarrow,  1' x spreading, part shade​​​ Achillea millifolium
PDF: Inland Staples Plant List


Extra Information and Pictures


Tree of Life Nursery

A horticultural resource from California Native Plant Society. A great resource for photos, dimensions, uses, and water requirements. 
Largest native plant nursery in the state. In operation for over forty years. Retail and Wholesale available. Located in San Juan Capistrano off the Ortega Hwy. Saturday workshops.
This link will take you to a wordpress site that has local pictures of natives and information/articles about natives around town.
Wordpress site: plantsfromcalifornia

Cal Poly SelecTree

Theodore Payne

S&S Seeds

This website gives good information on certain tree speices.  Some useful information I have used is growth rate and estimated root damage potential.
Another great native plant nursery for retail customers.  Very involved in educating the public about California natives.
If you are looking to use seed on a project this company specializes in native california plant species.  

Killing the Lawn


This is a great site for researching the native range of a species and finding other names the plant might go by.
Contact NPL
The resources above have all been helpful to me over the years. I hope you find them just as useful as you dive into natives!